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Flood Damage in Frederick is as Old as its History

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Storm and flood damage repairs are a job for a professional outfit. SERVPRO has all the corners covered for the job.

For Flood Restoration in Frederick, Call SERVPRO

Founded before the American Revolutionary War, Frederick is an important intersection in the state of Maryland and one of its largest cities. Even when wagons transited the area, flooding was an issue thanks to its proximity to the Monocacy River. Today, ponds, lakes, and artificial bodies of water continue to exist in this important city.

Despite the risk of flood damage in Frederick, the city continued to grow, and today it shows a robust economy. Its location, close to Washington D.C. and Fort Detrick's existence, continues to make it a growing community. Federal government investment and the Riverside Research Park attract a particular set of skills, allowing for the city's gentrification.

Emergency Services and Flood Restoration

As Frederick grows and weather patterns change, the region is frequently susceptible to water damage. Sea-level rise and copious rains leave homeowners with various degrees of damage and in need of water removal services. SERVPRO is ready to provide emergency services when water damage is present in the Frederick community, and all you need to do is call our 24/7 hotline. Our staff is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and ready to tackle the toughest jobs, including sewage cleanup and basement flooding.

Water removal services are not enough to complete a full restoration project. Returning a home to pre-flood condition, water extraction, drying, and disinfecting is essential, including specialty drying solutions for priceless items such as documents and photographs. To help you sort through the debris, our SERVPRO staff is available with the latest best practices in the water damage restoration industry, including-

  • Application of anti-microbial solutions to thwart the growth of bacteria such as mold.
  • Deodorization of your home, including the use of odor counteractant pellets, air purifiers, and ozone generators.
  • Water extraction and removal entails pumps and extractors and discarding of items holding polluted water and posing a danger to your home.

It is not uncommon for some areas of the home to be undisturbed while others are exposed to floodwater. Whenever possible, we stage an alternate are or provide move-out services to protect your belongings and make the restoration process more efficient. Throughout the course of our job, we coordinate with repairmen and insurance adjusters as needed, all while documenting our own actions. We utilize the CCIS Content Claims Inventory System to catalog all items we deem salvageable, non-salvageable, and questionable. The final determination is made by the homeowner and the carrier.

SERVPRO of Frederick County is at your service around the clock. When storm damage and flood restoration appears overwhelming just call us at (301) 662-1747 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Mold Removal Services Keep Frederick Businesses Clean and Healthy.

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

black mold Mold will spread like wild fire within 24 to 48 hours. IICRC certified techs at SERVPRO have you covered from top to bottom on mold remediation.

Mold can cause stains, odors, and health effects. 

Excessive humidity comes from various sources, from a leaky drain or constant condensation inside a drinking fountain. SERVPRO’s thoroughly trained teams provide businesses in Frederick with mold removal services. Protecting inventory, employees, and much more is crucial for every business. 

Removing mold in Frederick from surfaces is often not enough to ensure a thorough job. Our technicians use the latest, most current methods to eliminate excess microbes and restore normal population levels.  

Our mold removal services in Frederick include:

Our mold inspection services often locate hidden mold, allowing us to consult with our customers regarding the best approach for their building’s layout and type of mold colonies encountered. This can help prevent excess disruptions to business operations. We always work around your schedule.

 Our goal is to provide excellent services as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. Call SERVPRO of Frederick County at (301) 662-1747 whenever your business needs mold removal and restoration services.                  

House Fires can Leave Your Frederick Residence Full of Soot.

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

smoke from a fire Soot damage is no easy task to handle. SERVPRO uses IICRC certified techniques for fire damage restoration for your home.

Fire restoration services remove soot deposits from your Frederick home. 

Many things inside your Frederick home create toxic gases and fine particles when they burn. Even after the fire department puts the fire out, these gases remain in the air. The particles add to the soot, turning it into another hazard. We implement air cleaning machines to handle these hazards.

Removing the soot often requires skilled fire restoration professionals in Frederick. Dry soot accumulates after a rapidly burning fire, but wet soot from a slowly burning fire often happens at the beginning of a house fire. Wet soot smears easily, making cleanup difficult and very messy. Your HVAC system can also become a depository of soot. If this is the case, each time you run your system, soot can once again enter the air. We can clean your system for you, making it safe to use again.

SERVPRO can help Frederick homeowners deal with the mess. We provide these and other services:

SERVPRO of Frederick County uses the most efficient and economical fire restoration methods available. Contact us by dialing (301) 662-1747 to restore your home and protect your family.

What Are Water Damage Repairs Needed in Frederick Homes and Businesses.

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site unloading equipment. SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment when it comes to water restoration services for your property.

Frederick Homes Need The Help of SERVPRO When It Comes To Water Restoration Services.

Water damage situations like broken plumbing and appliances can quickly overwhelm a Frederick home. While there are multiple measures taken to resolve the immediate concerns present on the property, such as pooling water and moisture concerns, there are inevitable water damage repairs necessary to return the home to its original state. These repairs and restoration processes are designed to help with:

  • Basement flooding
  • Flood restoration
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Water damage remediation
  • Emergency services water damage

Ceiling Leaks in Frederick Properties 

Because much of the plumbing running through two-story homes in Frederick County have pipes stowed between these floors, leaks in these pipes can become considerable structural threats. Continuous spraying or dripping from connections can weaken exposed building materials like drywall and joists. Oversaturated insulation can become heavier than these fragile materials can support, which can lead to collapsing. Controlled demolition removes affected materials and provides a stable base for reconstruction when insulation and ceiling materials ultimately get replaced. 

A Leaking Roof from Storms

Severe weather is nothing new to our slice of Maryland, which can put many homes and businesses contending with structural concerns after the storm passes. Heavy winds and rainfall can cripple roof materials, creating vulnerabilities for water penetration. Water damage repairs of these areas first fixate on tarping and board up to permit the restoration process to get started. Once cleaning completes, our SERVPRO team can remove damaged elements and fully reconstruct compromised portions of your roof. The water damage repairs needed are identified during the job scoping phase.

Burst Pipes in Frederick Houses 

The house's basement level and poorly insulated walls within the home can be susceptible to environmental conditions that can cause burst pipes. Emergency services water damage can clear surface water concerns, but water damage repairs can help with replacing damaged pipes and plumbing. From reconstructing building materials like drywall and framing to repairing the plumbing, burst pipes always require some water damage repair. 

Other Water Damage Repairs for Area Homes and Businesses 

Because water damage repairs can encompass multiple needs for a home, we are a one-stop-shop for restoration and recovery after situations like basement flooding. Vulnerabilities in the home's exterior can become exploited by intruding water, which only worsens the longer that masonry and other building materials go unrepaired. The basement can also be a hub for the plumbing and air conditioning for your property, both of which can also be causes for water damage remediation and water damage repairs. Our team can help with reconstruction as well as:

  • Ceiling leaks
  • Water damage remediation
  • Emergency services water damage
  • Flood restoration
  • Basement flooding
  • Burst pipes

We offer a broad spectrum of water damage repairs for homes and businesses after disasters and emergencies. With highly trained restoration technicians and a general contractor license, we can provide a full-service recovery approach after water damage. Call our SERVPRO of Frederick County team today at (301) 662-1747.

Are there Approaches That Simplify the Cleanup of Valuables after Fire Damage?

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment ready for action. Fires produce enormous amounts of smoke and soot damage when a fire occurs. SERVPRO techs are trained and ready for the job.

SERVPRO Capitalizes on the Four Elements of Cleaning to Simplify Restoration of Mt Airy Properties

Fires produce considerable amounts of residues, which are deposited on surfaces all over your home. Therefore, you have a substantial cleanup task after the fire is put out. Cleaning all the items can take considerable effort and time, especially if you do not know how to deal with different residues.

Although residue deposit is one of the better outcomes you have to deal with after fire damage at your Mt Airy property, using the wrong cleaning approaches can increase the challenge or lead to permanent damages. When SERVPRO technicians handle the cleanup of fire-damaged contents or structural materials, we manipulate four elements to simplify the process:

  • Temperature
  • Agitation
  • Time
  • Chemical action

Agitation is any physical action that removes residues from surfaces. Unless we determine residues can be easily wiped off, we combine physical agitation with another factor like chemical action by incorporating a professional cleaning product. We can also boost the cleaning agent's effectiveness by giving it more dwell time or heating the cleaning solution to promote the chemical action that removes residues. When correctly balanced, the four aspects simplify cleaning.

SERVPRO of Frederick County seeks the most convenient ways to manage fire damage for better outcomes. Call us at (301) 662-1747 to assist you.

Are Odors Avoidable After Water Cleanup In Brunswick Business Premises?

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians at work. Moisture in your commercial building may cause odors. SERVPRO has the means and experience to eliminate the odors.

SERVPRO Uses Odor Free Cleaning Agents and Deodorizers in Brunswick Properties

After extracting water and cleaning up your business premises when there is a water intrusion incident, you may still experience some bad odor discomfort. Such odors can develop for various reasons, including cleaning products with heavy fragrances, microbial growth, or ineffective cleaning.

When handling water cleanup in Brunswick business premises, one of SERVPRO’s objectives is to guarantee a comfortable environment for your customers and staff members. Our technicians use various approaches to help eliminate or control bad odor, including:

Since moisture fuels microbial development, drying wet materials within the first 72 hours and applying antimicrobial products helps stop microbial growth and the musty odor it is associated with. Since some cleaning products can leave a sharp smell, our SERVPRO teams use specially formulated cleaning products with no fragrance, dyes and have neutral pH. The products also biodegrade quickly, removing any traces from your property.

SERVPRO of Frederick County ensures water cleanup is effective and creates a comfortable environment. Call us at (301) 662-1747.    

Has Flood Damage Affected Your Home’s Basement?

2/24/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged home walls with flood cuts Storms may damage with flooding to your home. SERVPRO technicians are ready for the water restoration process you need.

SERVPRO Helps Remove Floodwater and Cleanup Frederick Properties

The city of Frederick, Maryland, has an interesting formative history. For example, even though it was laid out as a town in 1745, it is not very clear whom it was named after between Frederick Calvert and Frederick Louis. Calvert was the sixth Baron of Baltimore while Louis was the Prince of Wales. During the civil war, the city had to pay a $200,000 ransom after the Battle of Monocacy to confederate general Jubal Anderson Early to avoid destruction. 

Fredrick was also the origin of some individual actions that had significant national implications. For instance, on September 14, 1814, local amateur poet and lawyer Francis Scott Key decided to write new lyrics for an old drinking song of the Anacreontic Society of London, inadvertently creating the first version of the United States National Anthem. It was adopted as the official national anthem in March 1931. Chief justice Roger Brooke Taney who lived in Frederick in the early 19th century is known for delivering the Dred Scott Decision, which made slavery legal in all United States territories.

The Flood Control Project that Created a Scenic Park

The city has always been affected by periodic floods. However, two major flooding incidents in the 1970s prompted officials to seek a long-term solution for the perennial flooding woos. The flooding incidents were aggravated by the extensive growth of the western side of the city, especially along the Golden Mile area. The development meant paving of previously open areas, thus reducing water seepage into the ground. Most of the surface runoff ended up in the Monocacy River that lies east of the central city. 

Engineers and city officials figured that a flood control project along Carol Creek with underground concrete water conduits would help convey water safely through downtown Frederick, eliminating the usual destruction. Apart from controlling flooding, the system also created an opportunity to building one of the most beautiful linear parks stretching one and a half miles. The park has several beautiful features, including:

  • Brick pedestrian paths
  • Uniquely designed pedestrian bridges
  • Shade trees and benches
  • A 350 seat amphitheater that hosts outdoor events 

Most people recognize Carroll Creek Linear Park for its beautiful sculptures, landscaping, and waterways, making it a perfect place to relax. However, it still plays its original role of protecting the downtown properties from severe flooding.

How Does SERVPRO Help Manage Flood Damage in Frederick?

Even with elaborate flood control systems, some issues such as flooded basements still affect Frederick properties sometimes. Immediate action is necessary in such cases to minimize the chances of adverse outcomes. Removing the intruding water and cleaning up the soiled surfaces are the two vital actions. 

Since basements are rarely empty, the cleanup and water extraction processes may not be that easy. SERVPRO helps ease the removal by providing the necessary resources, including equipment and human resources. 

  • Our technicians help pack and move out the contents you have in your basement
  • We combine mechanical and chemical processes to ensure clean up of the entire basement 
  • After extracting water, we set up air movers and dehumidifiers in the basement to dry it

SERVPRO of Frederick County helps restore properties affected by flood damage. Call us (301) 662-1747 when you need assistance.

Removing Water from Brunswick Businesses After a Flood

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Flooding causes substantial risk to your business. SERVPRO technicians are trained and ready any time of the day or night 365 days a year.

Warehouses can become devastated by standing floodwater without direct mitigation assistance.

For so many warehouses and manufacturing facilities throughout Brunswick and nearby Frederick, flooding threats can become devastating loss incidents for these commercial properties. As a large loss recovery team, we have the equipment and personnel to handle significant water disasters and flooding that impact these structures and become overwhelming to property managers.

Removing Standing Water Quickly 

One of the most threatening aspects of flood damage in Brunswick businesses is standing water that impacts stored wares and inventory in the facility. Assessing this damage allows our team to determine the best extraction approaches to remove this surface water threat and protect the contents when possible. We have multiple extraction units capable of pulling several inches of standing water quickly from the grounds, including:

  • Truck-mount extractors
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Self-priming trash pumps

With flooding being such a substantial risk to your investment and wares in the storage facility, you can count on our SERVPRO of Frederick County team for efficient extraction solutions. Give us a call today at (301) 662-1747.

Controlled Demolition in Frederick After Water Damage

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

an abundance of SERVPRO equipment Water damage to a home or business can put a damper on things. SERVPROs IICRC certified trained technicians are ready for any size disaster.

Our contractors can work to protect the property through careful material removal procedures.

Because water loss disasters can occur so rapidly in Frederick homes or businesses, restoration can vary depending on many different conditions. The more widespread and overwhelming water disasters can become, the more structural elements and sensitive materials exposed might require more attention than drying can allow. 

When is Controlled Demolition Necessary? 

While it is not always required or necessary, controlled demolition does play a role in water restoration for Frederick homes. Our competent project manager can determine whether this type of mitigative strategy is needed during the job scoping process. There are multiple advantages for controlled demolition and material removal when water exposure occurs, including: 

  • Access to water-damaged areas of the property
  • Removal of structurally unsound materials 
  • Elimination of deteriorated building materials 
  • Access to plumbing and other utilities in need of repair

Water restoration requires multiple technicians and approaches, but our SERVPRO of Frederick County team can help however your home needs. Give our professionals a call today at (301) 662-1747. 

Protecting Frederick's Charm and Attractions from Fire Losses

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles outside job site. Fire restoration is no easy task. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the help you need.

As a community of the Greater DC area, Frederick is alive with culture and history. 

As both a town and a county, Frederick has been an influential part of the country since before winning our independence from Britain. As such, there are multiple historic properties and landmarks that can tell the story of Maryland and its role in colonial America. Likewise, modern attractions appeal to tourists and travelers passing through on their way to the nation's capital or using Frederick as a bedroom city to avoid the District of Columbia's hectic conditions.

Historic Downtown Frederick Appeals to Nostalgia 

Many have described Frederick's downtown area as a cluster of spires, which refers to the volume of old churches found in the city. Much of the municipality is still laid out to favor those walking the streets on foot, with storefronts and services appealing to the pedestrian rather than oversized billboards to attract vehicle traffic. If you are looking to learn more about this region's history and role in events like the American Revolution, there are walking tours and specific sites better seen on foot.

Retail and Entertainment for All 

  • Francis Scott Key Mall – With nearly 60 stores and services within the structure, this shopping location is one of the most favored areas for retail enthusiasts. There are multiple anchor stores and a wide variety of goods available to appeal to shoppers of every taste. 
  • Frederick Keys Baseball – During the summer and fall, baseball fans can appreciate the cheap admission and thrill of America's pastime watching the Frederick Keys minor league baseball team. This is a farm program for the Baltimore Orioles, so those sitting in on the games could watch Major League Baseball's future stars.
  • Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) – In the lower level of the Francis Scott Key Hotel here in Frederick, you will find the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. This group has been performing together since 1997 in this location, though the company began in 1993 as an improv troupe without a steady stage.

How to Restore Frederick Homes After a Fire Loss

When fire restoration in Frederick homes is required, insurance providers need homeowners to pursue credible and experienced professionals like our SERVPRO team to help. As a preferred vendor in the area, we have a leading inventory of recovery tools and continued training for our technicians to provide homes and businesses with an efficient and thorough cleaning.

Restoration involves multiple steps and stages, beginning with mitigative options like debris removal and controlled demolition. Cleaning up soot residues can be among the most challenging segments of restoration, requiring several tools and products depending on the composition of these soils. Job scoping can determine the appropriate cleaning technique to make soot and smoke threats "Like it never even happened."

As damaging as fire can be after extinguishment, our SERVPRO of Frederick County team is ready 24/7 to get mitigation and restoration started. Call us today at (301) 662-1747.