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Professional Flood Damage Restoration In Frederick

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO employees unloading a truck. SERVPRO wants to be your go to, let us help your Frederick flood.

Let us be the professionals for your flood damage in Frederick.

When dealing with restoration companies after a flood on your Frederick property, you want access to restorers that follow specific guidelines and standards when performing restoration services in your home. Since any water intrusion can often lead to mold issues, your restoration company should be able to perform remediation services, as well.  

As a homeowner in Frederick, dealing with flood damage, you should reference the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Mold Remediation Guidelines and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) S520 Mold Remediation Standard. You need access to this information to stay informed, especially when trusting others to work on something so innately valuable to you and your family. 

Even though these guidelines developed by the EPA specifically address mold remediation in schools and commercial buildings, they offer invaluable recommendations applicable to your residential flood damage restoration and any mold contamination that may occur. EPA Mold Remediation Guidelines include three necessary steps to prevent issues that may develop after an event:

  1. Clean and dry moldy materials. 
  2. Discard moldy items that cannot be cleaned. 
  3. Dry non-moldy items within 48-hours.

Some may say that mold remediation has nothing to do with your flood damage restoration. However, they would be wrong. You should always have access to a restoration company, like SERVPRO, who understands the issues relating to microbial growth. We encourage our clients, like you, to learn as much as possible, so that you understand which services are needed to restore your home correctly. One of our core principles is to communicate and keep our customers informed before, during, and until the final walk-through of restoration services.  

The IICRC was the first to develop the first standard for mold remediation for professionals in the field. As a result, SERVPRO follows the S520 Mold Remediation Standard that describes the best practices for restoration and remediation.

  1. Provide For Health and Safety: Protect the health of workers and occupants by utilizing safe work practices. 
  2. Document Conditions and Processes: Keep detailed records of the condition of the property, showing the extent of damage or the amount of moisture saturation. 
  3. Control any Mold Contamination at Its Source: Inspect the entire area and perform services aimed at keeping mold contained, preventing airborne contamination, or the spread of mold during restoration.
  4. Remove Contamination: Once perceived that mold goes beyond normal levels, provide the most effective solution. 
  5. Correct the Moisture Problem: Stop the source of moisture that initially contributed to the problem.

Contact SERVPRO of Frederick County for additional information today. (301) 662-1747.

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SERVPRO is the Best Choice for All of Your Emergency Restoration Needs in Frederick

10/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck in front of building SERVPRO of Frederick County is available for all of your emergency restoration needs.

Are You in Need of Storm, Mold, Fire, or Water Damage Restoration? SERVPRO of Frederick County Has You Covered

From our unforgettable historical events like the Battle of Antietam to structures that can get dated as far back as colonial times, Frederick and its surrounding areas are rife with culture and rich with history. This understanding helps to drive our SERVPRO team forward in advanced techniques for preserving original construction materials, both in these properties and in the homes and businesses that depend on our team as well. We are ready 24/7 to help any customer in Frederick County with water, fire, mold, storm, flood, and even asbestos emergencies.  

Storm Damage Restoration 

Our storm response team has become an instrumental force of our SERVPRO brand, helping to be there for customers when they need it the most. When devastating storms occur during any season of the year, multiple properties throughout Frederick and beyond can become compromised and damaged. We have the skilled professionals to address both structural concerns and the pressing symptoms that occur inside the house, such as flooding and contamination.  

Storm recovery fixates both on our abilities to immediately address structural concerns with emergency solutions like board-ups and tarping as well as our ability to address flooding concerns. Storm damage in Frederick homes can compromise roofs, siding, basements, and many other areas of the property, and we have an in-house division of reconstruction specialists with more than three decades of experience to help. Once mitigation completes, including extraction and drying of the flooding effects, these same professionals can work to repair fully and reconstruct damaged portions of the property.  

We are a large loss recovery team and also a part of a larger national storm response division that can help with major natural disasters occurring far from Frederick. We understand that in times of considerable need in other areas of the country, resources can get strained, and our expertise and skills can help to return homes and businesses to preloss condition despite how bleak the scenario appeared.  

Mold Remediation

Because so many homeowners seek to address water loss and storm loss scenarios on their own, the likelihood of mold growth and colonization increases exponentially. Without the sophisticated moisture detection tools available to our professionals to determine the presence of moisture pockets and dampness, many DIY efforts leave drying efforts only half-accomplished. Lingering moisture is the catalyst for mold and microbial threats in Frederick homes. Still, our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) accredited through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) can help.  

There is an adage that suggests if you smell mold, you have mold. You should regularly inspect problematic areas of your home to discover these musty odors or spotting on drywall. If you are unsure if mold exists, it is always wise to have an inspection and assessment by our remediation professionals. We have the tools to identify the moisture and trained eyes to locate budding concerns and work to remove these threats before they get out of hand. In many situations, the application of our antimicrobial sprays and disinfectants can eliminate mold colonies in Frederick homes.  

In other situations, prolonged exposure can require remediation to take a turn towards controlled demolition. Our experienced contractors have more than 30 years of experience under the tutelage of our owner Art Hall, allowing us to manage demolition, repair, and reconstruction as needed quickly. We can help to make mold losses “Like it never even happened” for your Frederick home.  

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire loss incidents present a substantial threat to Frederick residents, and this does not stop because the fire gets extinguished. There are many hazards and health threats that persist once the first responders have left, and these are situations best left to the experience and training of our SERVPRO professionals. We have established relationships with area insurance companies, helping us to manage the red tape of damage claims to help our customers navigate this trying experience.  

There are decades of experience within our fire recovery division, and this experience can help us to protect our customers and our team during the mitigation process. Our team can contend with harmful soot particles in the air, cleaning residues, debris removal, controlled demolition, potential asbestos exposure from structural damages, and we have the education, personnel, and equipment to manage these scenarios in your Frederick house.  

Fire damage in Frederick homes often also requires the experienced hand and response of our content management professionals. These technicians pack-out at-risk items to our SERVPRO facility for cleaning, deodorization, and safe storage until these items can get successfully returned to a restored property. With sophisticated tools in our warehouse, such as submersion ultrasonic tanks and ozone chambers, we can restore large assortments of your personal belongings.  

Water Damage Restoration

We understand how vital having the right personnel is when contending with water loss incidents. These emergencies are among the most common that our SERVPRO team faces, so all of our team members have certifications as Water Restoration Technicians and many in Applied Structural Drying through the IICRC. This experience and a vast roster of qualified professionals ensures that our customers have a fast and qualified response when amid a water loss crisis in their Frederick home.  

Thousands of properties depend on the fast response and experience of our water recovery specialists, and that is why the Green Fleet at our facility stays stocked and ready to address these concerns at all times. Between our range of extraction tools to our premier drying equipment, including mats, positive pressure systems, air movers, and dehumidifiers, we are ready for any loss situation. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and having production vehicles and stocked trailers ready to mobilize with the first contact helps us to maintain this reputation through Frederick County.  

Within 24 hours, drywall and other porous materials can become too severely damaged by direct water exposure to get preserved. We have a full division of contractors that can oversee controlled demolition tactics like flood cuts that can protect portions of damaged materials streamlining later reconstruction after mitigation completes in Frederick homes.  

You might have many options throughout the area when you need restoration services. Our SERVPRO of Frederick County team has built our reputation on exceeding your expectations, saving you money, and getting the job done quickly. Let our local professionals help you through any emergency by calling (301) 662-1747.

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We Discuss How To Properly Clean Up Water Damaged Areas In Your Federick Home

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

bathtub floating in flooded bathroom Whether flooding originated inside or outside your home, contact SERVPRO for efficient water removal and remediation services.

Renovating Your Frederick Bathroom Can Cause Water Damages

Whether you are tearing out your bathtub and shower combination for a low-entry shower stall or you are replacing some of the fixtures in your Frederick bathroom to match a new theme, work around the plumbing of your property can be a risk. Because many older homes throughout the area still have lead and copper pipes, undue stress on these plumbing elements can expose weak or compromised craftsmanship or the degradation of these materials over time.

Preventing water damage in Frederick homes, especially related to the plumbing during renovations and remodeling might not be entirely possible. While you can work around these components with caution, demolition of bathroom elements and the installation of new features can often provide enough vibration and damage to rupture, puncture, or separate lines. Reducing the water damage begins with a fast response to turn this water off so that it does not pool on the bathroom floor and require extraction on top of professional drying efforts.

Our SERVPRO professionals already have the experience of building new construction projects from precise specifications, so homeowners might have already sought out our contracting expertise for their renovations. Should the plumbing become a concern and breach inside your property, our team of restoration technicians can seamlessly transition to full recovery efforts. Our skilled contractors can repair compromised portions of pipe, fittings, and fixtures based on age, wear, and appearance.

Once vulnerabilities in your plumbing system have gotten repaired, our team or your designated contractor can resume the remodeling of the bathroom. With the installation of new fixtures like showerheads, faucets, and other elements, homeowners are getting ahead of degradation that can lead to leaks in these points.

It can be a considerable stress in the times where your property is most vulnerable during construction and renovation projects. Knowing whom to trust with your plumbing system and the rapid-spreading effects of a water loss emergency is vital to protecting your home and keeping its occupants safe. Our SERVPRO of Frederick County team has the experience to handle both this reconstruction need that you have as well as the fallout of compromised utilities. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (301) 662-1747.

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Addressing Foul Odors After A Fire In Your Frederick Home

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Charred Picture Frame Give us a call anytime at (301) 662-1747.

Addressing Light Smoke Odors in Frederick Homes

Odors can often be one of the hardest obstacles for Frederick homeowners to overcome, even with lighter emergencies that stay localized to a single room. Addressing these lingering effects can often encompass this origin room, but also adjacent areas, especially with symptoms like smoke odors. We have a strict process that helps us to overcome these concerns every time we head out to a water loss incident.
There is a different process to clear light smoke odor fire damage from Frederick homes. When our SERVPRO team first arrives, we can begin to implement these strategies as promptly as possible to help reduce migration of these effects and permeation into local materials. These situations only get labeled as light losses when there is no present structural damage, residues are light or non-existent, and only a small area in your house has become affected by the incident. Once this designation exists, our technicians begin the steps necessary to eliminate the odor.
Depending on the ignition source of the fire damage, our team can often remove the primary affected materials and contents of the compromised area of your property. These are the most concentrated dosages of harsh odors and charring, and their removal from the premises can often noticeably reduce the potency and severity of scents left behind after the fire loss incident. Once this step completes, our team can work on establishing adequate ventilation through this area to get airflow happening.
Cleaning is one of the keystones of light odor removal, and often requires the use of wall and surface cleaner in our inventory of powerful products. The highest degree of this cleaning takes place in the origin room, less in adjacent areas, and little to none in other rooms and zones farther from the ignition point.
Thermal fogging is one of the top choices of our SERVPRO technicians for eliminating what odor remains after the cleaning. We can even inspect areas like crawl spaces and structural cavities for odors that also must get addressed with the use of our fogging machine.
Fire loss incidents have multiple layers of effects that our SERVPRO of Frederick County team must overcome. As challenging as this process might seem, we have an established system that addressing each effect individually to make it, “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (301) 662-1747.

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Why You Should Call SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Damage in Your Frederick Home

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

Water pipe with water spewing out of it. Don’t let a water damage in your Frederick home set you back, let us help you.

We will show you why SERVPRO can help you through your toughest Frederick water damage.

Water is a powerful element, and even though it is crucial for meeting basic human needs, it can also be relentless, unpredictable, and destructive. Water damage can happen in your Frederick house after a plumbing problem like a burst pipe. If you do not notice the leak quickly, water may pool in many rooms of your house.

Since you did not expect water damage in your Frederick residence, you might not be prepared to handle the aftermath. However, if you call SERVPRO, we can help you mitigate the damage. We can guide you so you can make the right decisions in dealing with the loss.

Water from a pipe is sanitary and does not cause the risk of illness or infection if a person touches or ingests it. However, some risks can come into play. An example is if there are sources of electricity nearby. It is imperative to stop the water leak as soon as you notice it and turn off your home’s electrical connections before you remove salvageable items.

When dealing with water loss incidents, our crew inspects the affected areas. The water may have saturated your carpet flooring. In that case, we can use moisture sensors to determine the extent of dampness in the carpet and pad. We test close to the source of water intrusion and work outward. Our technicians can also inspect adjacent rooms even though the floor coverings do not show any signs of visible water. We can cut a small piece of carpet in the affected area and examine its back for damages like bad seams, delamination, and mold growth.

Delamination means that the primary and secondary backings have separated. If your carpet is delaminated, it cannot be reinstalled, so our crew has to remove it. We remove the pad to control moisture in a home.  Our SERVPRO crew can then use a carpet wand to extract water from your carpeting thoroughly to reduce drying time. We can also set up air movers and dehumidifiers in the affected rooms to control microbial growth and eliminate moisture.

When you need to restore your Mt Airy, Brunswick or Middletown home after a water intrusion incident, contact SERVPRO of Frederick County at (301) 662-1747. We can make it appear, “Like it never even happened.” 

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SERVPRO Steps Frederick Homeowners Through Their Water Restoration Process

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Living room under water We have the equipment and know how to remove the water and dry your home. Call us today!

Standard Water Damage Work from Our First Arrival to the Final Walk-Through in Frederick 

During the initiation and execution phases of a restoration project, SERVPRO specialists fulfill several specific steps as they carry out different tasks and activities. Restoring our customers' property in Frederick occurs with the most efficiency and thoroughness when we use a set framework.

Although every home's construction and contents are different in Frederick, standardized water damage procedures ensure that the home's restoration work ends with the wanted results. These two phases start when the customer first calls us. During this call, we gather the information needed and give the customer a time frame to expect our arrival.

Upon arriving, we perform a walk-through and carry out consultations within different teams at SERVPRO about the water damage restoration process. We also consult with the customer. Once we know which services your property needs, we can bring these issues to you for approval. These include packing up belongings, sectioning off specific areas for your family to live during the restoration, and other steps that we put into place during the initial emergency services and mitigation activities.

Executing the work includes crucial steps full of essential tasks and activities, to restore the property “Like it never even happened.” Our customers' property receives intense scrutiny, so we precisely understand what needs carried out and completed. Some construction requires some areas to retain water, forcing us to add demolition activities to work already scheduled. Taking our customer's requests into consideration also adds different requirements.

SERVPRO crews also use a safety plan that is laid out during the project's setup. We also implement resource allocation guidelines and put the site's work plan together. Such steps are necessary to allow us to work efficiently and provide our customer with an excellent service.

Setting up machinery, bringing in tools, cleaning supplies, basins and buckets, and many other items and laying them out in an orderly fashion helps us stay organized and efficient. While no two homes are the same, we have the same tools, equipment, and cleaners available to us in a central location to restore your home.

SERVPRO of Frederick County's professional and highly skilled restoration experts are always ready to help by restoring water-damaged homes across Mt Airy, Brunswick, and Middletown. Our goal is to complete the work needed inexpensively and with as little disruption to our customer as possible. Call our emergency services line at (301) 662-1747 as soon as you know you have a situation with out-of-place water.

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Who to Call When my Mount Airy Basement Floods

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO corn hole board. SERVPRO can treat your Mount Airy flood damage promptly and professionally.

We strive to assist our Mount Airy community with their flood damage.

If last year is any indication, residents of Frederick County need to be on our toes regarding flooding and rise in water levels. Heavy rains alone can be responsible for overflowing bodies of water that make their way into your basement, leaving homeowners in need of specialized services to recover from flood damage and restore our homes as soon as possible. It only takes an oversaturated sewage line to divert water into our homes, along with debris and bacteria that can cause problems in the future if it is not treated correctly.

When your home in Mount Airy is the victim of flood damage and your basement is underwater, reach out to SERVPRO for our expert services. Our team is certified in the latest techniques and equipment to restore your home while minimizing your losses. In water events, time is of the essence, and minimizing the time floodwaters live in your home is the key to success. Our crew is available 24/7, so we can respond as soon as the emergency happens; all you need to do is call.

As the water extraction process evolves, we work with you to dispose of any items posing a threat to your home. Typically, these include upholstery, carpets, and any porous materials soaked in water. As soon as we can, we remove them from your home to prevent unwanted bacteria from traveling throughout your property and affecting other areas. Upon arrival, we utilize a variety of equipment which may include submersible pumps, handheld extractors, and drying mats to dry out the area. Our SERVPRO crew may also use moisture sensors and thermal imaging cameras to inform us of our progress in removing excess moisture from your basement. When our staff members continue with disinfecting your home, they can also focus their attention to airborne particles and may use air filtration devices to purify the air and remove any lingering contaminants left behind in the air. All these steps are necessary to protect your home now and in the future.

SERVPRO of Frederick County is your ally when water comes into your home uninvited.  Call us at (301) 662-1747 and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

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We Can Manage The Various Challenges Of Commercial Fire Damage In Frederick

8/26/2019 (Permalink)

smoke rising up to sprinkler Call SERVPRO of Frederick County at (301) 662-1747 to help.

Managing Various Challenges Of Commercial Fire Damage In A Frederick Drug Store

Fires can happen any time leaving widespread damages in the commercial establishment that they affect. In a drugstore, the situation is different, unlike other commercial establishments because of the materials burnt. Restoring normal operations at your Frederick drug store fast can be possible, but the restorer must be ready to deal with the different prevailing challenges.

Dealing with Harmful Chemicals
Being safe when restoring commercial fire damage in your Frederick Drug Store is essential. During a fire, the combustion process breaks down materials giving off smoke and other residues which are then deposited on surfaces or suspended in the air. In a drugstore, the fire burns medicines and other dangerous chemicals, so the residues left can be hazardous to those cleaning them. Our SERVPRO technicians can work safely in such an environment because we have the necessary PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, such as:
    •    Chemical Resistant Gloves
    •    Respirators
    •    Rubber Boots
    •    Full Body Suits

Restoring normal services faster
More people might rely on your store than you imagine. For example, your store might be the only place they get rare medicines, or maybe you might have an extended operation schedule that allows them convenience. Restoring operations soon after a fire incident might, therefore, be more urgent to your customers than you. Restoration is likely to involve cleanup, rebuilding, and refinishing different areas in your store. Our SERVPRO crews have members highly trained in different fields including FSRT, Fire, and Smoke Restoration Technicians, equipping them with the skill sets to expedite restoration.

Finishing the restoration
All the effort you put in restoring your store after fire damage might not be recognized if the final stage is managed correctly. Finishing involves several steps including drying off excess moisture leftover from firefighting and cleaning efforts as well as deodorization. Our SERVPRO technicians use superior equipment such as hydroxyl generators during the restoration process to remove bad odor. We also have commercial-grade air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers to dry excess moisture.

Watching flames consuming your drugstore can be a tough pill to swallow, but doing prompt restoration can help you rebuild your business. Call SERVPRO of Frederick County at (301) 662-1747 to help. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Why Professional Restoration Services Are Needed for Your Frederick County Home

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage remediation can be devastating when you witness the loss to your home. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for help.

Soda Blasting for Soot Damaged Countertops in Frederick

Cleaning up your Frederick home after a fire can feel like an overwhelming task. While there are some homeowners up to the massive undertaking of removing soot and smoke residues from their properties with meticulous and intricate approaches, many have found it much easier to seek out the experienced restoration professionals of our SERVPRO fire recovery team. With our prompt response and experience, we can address even widespread concerns like soot in your countertops and other pricey surfaces with efficient and advanced approaches. 

Addressing fire damage in Frederick homes often must come in stages, beginning with widespread mitigation and cleaning where possible to prevent further damage and degradation of the property. Accomplishing this task gets left in the hands of our competent accredited professionals endorsed through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT), Odor Control Technicians (OCT), and multiple facets of cleaning and other niches. 

Many countertops have a semi-porous composition, making them susceptible to soot staining without careful removal and cleaning. While many surfaces can often get addressed with the combination of high-powered vacuums and chemical sponges, our SERVPRO team also has other approaches that can help to eliminate the soot and protect the surface underneath this layer of carcinogen

Soda blasting is a premier option for our mold remediation team as it can eliminate the entire hyphae of the organism without compromising the substrate hosting the colony. This premise is also true for surfaces housing soot and smoke residues, and soda or media blasting is an abrasive, yet gentler approach that can make your counters look “Like it never even happened.” There are added benefits of clean up without introducing more water to the structure and that sodium bicarbonate is a deodorizing agent.

It can be overwhelming to see the devastation that widespread fire loss events can do to your home, especially without knowing how to get your property back to preloss condition. Because We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, you can count on our SERVPRO of Frederick County team to arrive quickly with the equipment and expertise to help. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (301) 662-1747.

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How Our Technicians Will Save Your Brunswick Home After A Water Damage Incident

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Frederick County is prepared to respond swiftly.

What To Expect From Brunswick Professional Water Cleanup

When an appliance fails, or the kids let a sink overflow an astonishing amount of water can spread throughout your Brunswick home. A cracked residential water heater held up to 50 gallons, and if the rupture goes unnoticed, the supply line keeps flowing. The standard flow of a bathroom sink is 2.2 gallons per minute, meaning a 10-minute distracting phone call might spill more than 20 gallons out the door and down the hall.

Professional help is required for Brunswick residential water cleanup. The sheer bulk of water collecting in the lowest parts of the affected space is beyond the capacity of a household wet/dry vacuum to manage. Another consideration is that the visible standing water is only part of the problem. Water migrates away from its origin, flooding downstairs and through cracks into building cavities. It also seeps under and into porous structural components.

SERVPRO has the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians to approach water cleanup efficiently, following industry best practices. We also stock a complete inventory of state-of-the-art water removal and structural drying equipment on our service vehicles.

We arrive, assess, and plan your water cleanup project as soon as possible after your first call, answered 24/7. Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) immediately position submersible pumps in water deeper than two inches, also using wanded extractors to mitigate the spread of moisture on carpets and bare floors. Thermal imaging devices help us located water trapped behind structures, which we access by employing controlled demolition strategies like weep holes and flood cuts.

Our technicians use sensitive moisture meters to detect the level of water absorbed by structural components. This data forms the basis for an applied structural drying goal. Once the standing and trapped waters evacuate, SERVPRO positions air movers and heaters to accelerate the transfer of water from the structures into the air as vapor. Desiccant and evaporative dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, containing it for disposal outside your home.

Call (301) 662-1747 when a water emergency requires prompt cleanup. SERVPRO of Frederick County is prepared to respond swiftly. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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