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Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce General Membership Meeting

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

mt airy logo SERVPRO provides fire damage and odor mitigation to our Mt. Airy neighbors--just call us!

Mt Airy Entrepreneurs Access the Tools They Need to Run Successful Ventures

Running any business successfully can be a challenge, especially if one does not have the right resources. One way to boost the chances of success in Mt Airy is to connect with other influential people or entities in the area, thus boosting your reputation.  However, this may end up easier said than done. Attending the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce General Membership Meeting on December 9, 2020, can provide you with a starting point.

The main benefits of attending include:

  • Getting a chance to meet other people looking for networking opportunities
  • Placement of your business profile in the business directory and a banner in a highly trafficked website
  • Other resources such as free access to professional seminars, a referral system, and discounts if you become a member

SERVPRO of Frederick County is a reputable mitigation service that helps with all types of fire damage restoration in Mt Airy residences. You can reach us at (301) 662-1747 if there is an incident at your property. 

Help Support Small Businesses in Mt. Airy

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

A lady shopping in a store. You can supporting local businesses as well as possibly win a grand prize when you shop in Mt. Airy’s $hop $mall Contest.

Participate in Mt. Airy’s $hop $mall Contest

In recent years, Mt. Airy’s small businesses have been increasingly hindered by the proliferation of big-box stores like Walmart and the e-commerce revolution.  The unprecedented commercial difficulties of 2020 have only added to their troubles.  The $hop $mall Contest now allows you to help fellow local business owners while earning an opportunity to win a grand prize of $4,500 in cash and $500 in gift cards.  Its rules of participation include:

  • Buying at least $25 worth of items at a Mt. Airy small business sometime between November 1st and December 5th
  • Saving your receipt
  • Either depositing your receipt in our town hall drop box by 4:30 PM on December 8th or submitting it on our online submission page
  • Watching the prize drawing live on the “Town of Mount Airy” Facebook page at noon on Friday, December 11th

Running a successful business takes a lot of time, effort, and skill.  As local fire damage restoration service SERVPRO of Frederick County knows, it also involves a lot of luck.  While economic conditions are often unpredictable, so are fire-related events.  If a fire catastrophe ever befalls your business, call us at (301) 662-1747.

Local Expertise Helps Keep Aged Frederick Buildings in Top Condition

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO service van on site SERVPRO strives to clean up and restore historical structures in Frederick

SERVPRO Helps Inspect, Clean, and Repair Frederick Homes as Part of Water Damage Restoration

Frederick, MD, is an exceptional place for recreation and entertainment. The city is famous for its mountainous views and clustered spires. The term Clustered Spires was taken from Barbara Frietchie, a poem written by John Greenleaf Whitter, describing several church steeples in the historic downtown area. A trip to Church Street gives the curious visitors a chance to satiate their curiosity, explore the historical architecture, and also learn about the Christian roots of the town. 

Apart from soul nourishment, the churches also played another significant historical role for the residents' wellbeing when some, like the Evangelical Lutheran Church, were used as hospitals to treat the wounded people during The Civil War.  The ideological differences that sparked the war split even religious communities. For instance, the Evangelical Lutheran General Synod passed patriotic resolutions alienating some of its member Synods.  Apart from the churches, other historical sites played an even more prominent role during the civil war. 

  • The Monocacy National Battlefield is one of the famous sites in which one of the most notable clashes happened during the civil war. On July 9th, 1864, the confederate and union forces fought the Battle of Monocacy Junction. The Confederate forces won their northernmost victory forcing the Union forces to retreat to Baltimore.
  • The National Museum of Civil War Medicine located on East Patrick Street provides another glimpse into the conflict, including how some of the men such as those in the 16th New Hampshire unit avoided deaths on the battlefield, only to be ravaged by disease. There are over 1200 artifacts at the museum, which help illustrate the medical story and the era's technologies.

The Gateway to Western Maryland

Frederick County has five out of Maryland’s eighteen designated scenic roadways. The roads, more commonly referred to as byways, offer maximum convenience when exploring the area. They are also tourist destinations. The City of Frederick sits at the crossroad of two designated byways:

  • The Historic National Road (US 40)
  • Catoctin Mountain National Scenic Byway (US 15)

Through the roads, one can explore the Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area, which stretches through 38 miles of Frederick County starting from Emmitsburg to the Point of Rocks. The area was put aside for the preservation of natural landscapes, among other things. Catoctin Mountain is one of the more fascinating sections in the area because of its ecological diversity. It is famous as the place “where U.S. presidents spend their vacation.” 

Another utility related to transport is the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal or the “Grand Old Ditch,” as it is more commonly known. The canal was mainly used in the transportation of coal using barges but was closed in 1924. Today, it is a hub of recreational activities, including bird-watching, biking, and mule-drawn barge rides. Frederick County’s section of the canal has some historical sites like the Catoctin Aqueduct and Monocacy Aqueduct. The Canal Quarters Lockhouses provide accommodation for those who may want to stay overnight along the canal and experience how life was in the past when it was a transportation hub. There are seven Lockhouses, each rehabilitated and furnished to depict a different period in the canal's history.

Historic and Hip Downtown

Apart from the vintage Lockhouses, one can also enjoy the architecture of yesteryears in the downtown area, which features antique shops, restaurants, and country inns. As Joe Adkins, one of the deputy directors of planning for the city, put it, “The downtown is real, and it goes back to the 1700s, 1800s. You cannot replicate that.”

The architectural footprint of the city has much to do with the dynamics when it was developing rather than the tastes of individual developers. The city was established in 1745 by German settlers who found the area highly fertile and therefore suitable for commercial agriculture. The grain produced in the area was also milled in town before transportation to other cities. The thriving agriculture attracted investors, entrepreneurs, farmers, and gentlemen. Various materials, including logs, stones, and bricks, were used to construct houses for the growing population. Brick emerged as the top utilized materials. In 1825 the county tax assessment revealed that 50.5% of the city's buildings were brick-made, unlike the surrounding areas' structures.

Even today, the brick houses are a common sight. However, building trends have diversified over the years, infusing vibrancy and modern trends into the city. Major stores such as the local Walmart Supercenter, Costco Wholesale, and specialty stores such as Party City feature current building trends.

How Does SERVPRO Help Frederick Residents Handle Water Damage Repair in Brick Houses?

Brick constructions are vulnerable to water damage because of rising dampness, especially when groundwater seeps from the bottom, leaving a tide line. Splashback is another problem, especially when raindrops beating against a wall soak into the mortar. Frederick residences made of brick construction require maintenance, proper cleaning, and quick repairs to deal with the natural water issues or accidental water spills in the house. SERVPRO makes it easier to accomplish these tasks by providing the skills and equipment needed for the tasks.

Limiting water exposure is a crucial step to ensure long-term results after restoration. Our SERVPRO technicians expedite water extraction in case of water spills by using high capacity pumps and extractors. In the exterior of the house, we check fixtures such as gutters to ensure they are not clogged, which would result in a cascade of water down the side of the building. Other vital steps include:

  • Using moisture detection equipment to take moisture readings before and during drying processes to eliminate all excess moisture traces, thus stopping further deterioration.
  • Combining different approaches such as using dehumidifiers and air movers simultaneously during the drying to quicken the process or manage the outcome.
  • Checking the affected buildings' physical condition and notifying the owners in case other repair processes such as Tuckpointing and necessary.

SERVPRO of Frederick County manages water damage repair professionally, helping restore Frederick properties to their preloss state. Call (301) 662-1747 when you need assistance.

Cleaning for the Holidays can Load Your Frederick Home with Recyclables

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

Holiday decor "Joy" This Holiday season, let SERVPRO professionals handle your homes storm damage while you focus on your holiday plans.

Learn More about How to Keep Frederick Clean and Reduce Household Waste

Join Annmarie from the County Office of Recycling in a Zoom session about recyclables. It’s more than just paper/plastic/metal. Many types of packaging contain more than one kind of material, making recycling perplexing for many. Don’t let uncertainty and confusion keep you from doing your part in keeping Frederick as clean as possible. Call (301) 663-3416 for inclusion in the Zoom class on November 17, 2020, from 6:30 PM to 8 PM.

Annmarie answers all your questions, as well as gives you information about:

  • Specifics on holiday packaging and other items that we rarely use
  • Wish-cycling and its impact on the environment, and
  • What can and cannot be recycled in Frederick.

SERVPRO of Frederick County is always there to help our neighbors when storms and floods cause property damage. Contact our 24-hour emergency line at (301) 662-1747 for fast service.

What Do Residents Do When Relocated from Home after a Fire?

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

smoke entering room through under door; flames also seen under door Often fire damage restoration requires that owners temporarily relocate. SERVPRO can help with that process and restore your home.

SERVPRO is a Responsible Fire Restoration Service that can Manage your Mt. Airy Home During your Absence and Safeguard it Against Further Harm.

Why are residents relocated after a fire?

After a particularly severe house fire in Mt. Airy, a fire marshall may deem your home unsafe to return to until full restoration is complete. These situations can be traumatic for many homeowners but reaching out to a professional restoration service can ease the burden. SERVPRO is a local company that can safeguard your home during the interim period. Our crew chiefs, production technicians, and customer support team can guide you through the process of returning your home to a pre-incident condition. This process may include storing your belongings, reconstructing some of the property, tackling odors, cleaning, and reinstalling any permanently damaged materials. We work closely with local insurance adjusters and homeowners to ensure this transition runs smoothly and as quickly as possible.

How are fire-damaged properties managed during a temporary relocation?

There are numerous challenges that fire restoration technicians in your Mt. Airy home must overcome to get back to normal conditions. During a move-out, shared concerns for homeowners might lack documentation or detail when documenting items and damages. You may also have concerns about your possessions' safety, especially fragile or sentimental items entrusted to a restoration service. Finally, you may worry that items are thrown away without your consultation while away from the property.

SERVPRO is a responsible fire restoration company that goes the extra mile to ensure homeowners stay in the loop throughout the works process. Our inventories are detailed and up to date, while our warehouses are well-organized and climate controlled. Any contents disposed of or held in storage by us are tracked and documented to ensure accountability throughout the process.

How do restoration technicians remain accountable during fire restoration?

  • We photograph and video the condition of your belongings before taking them from the property to our climate-controlled warehouses.
  • Digital inventories are kept providing a written report of make, model, serial numbers, and condition in contents inventory worksheets.
  • Any items for storage are tracked through the warehouse with meticulous planning for handling, organization, and packing of your contents.

What items are stored or removed from a fire-damaged home?

Suppose you are unfortunate enough to be relocated after a Mt. Airy fire. In that case, you may only be able to bring essential items like clothing, medical supplies, and documents with you while your home undergoes repair. What remains in the home may include furnishings, appliances, electronics, and other non-essential contents. If there is extensive reconstruction work required at your home, these non-essential items must be stored at an off-site facility to allow the works process to begin. Often restoring a house with severe fire damage can be labor-intensive as technicians must pack, move, unpack, and inventory items before restoration work. Our crew chiefs remain in contact with you throughout the process to stay in the loop throughout the restoration.

Are move-outs beneficial to home restoration?

  • Move Outs can speed up the remodeling and reconstructing of a fire-damaged home by allowing more space for demolition and repainting.
  • Contents remain protected and are not at additional risk of damages by remaining inside an exposed or fire-damaged structure.
  • Subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers, or technicians remodeling the property frequently prefer working in an empty structure to improve efficiency.

Do restoration technicians have experience conducting a move-out?

SERVPRO technicians are used to dealing with extensive harm in a structure due to a loss event by fire, water, or storm. In addition to practical experience, we undergo training to handle belongings through the three phases of content management. On top of that, our technicians are given digital checklists throughout each stage, accessible for anyone working onsite. These checklists allow us to ensure that the removal of contents from your home, necessary cleaning actions, and returning contents is as meticulous as possible. In some cases, we can pass these details on to an insurance adjuster to produce an estimate or file paperwork relating to your claim as part of our ' stress-free claims' service. If you have any questions, you can contact crew chiefs directly or through our twenty-four-hour operated call line.

What are the three phases of a move-out?

  • Sorting and inventorying as well as packing any contents that need transportation. During this phase, we often sort between salvageable and non-salvageable goods.
  • Contents cleaning conducted at an external storage facility before storage. These duties may include deodorization or mechanical washing.
  • Communicating with subcontractors before returning clean belongings to your home and unpacking them in the relevant rooms.

Move outs can be a stressful experience without regular communication and information. Contact SERVPRO of Frederick County at (301) 662-1747 now.

How Does a Homeowner Choose the Best Company to Help Them with Mold Problems?

10/23/2020 (Permalink)

crew in PPE, respirators SEVRPRO is always dressed "To Kill" mold in Frederick area homes and commercial buildings.

SERVPRO Can Offer Quality Mold Removal Services When You Need It Inside Your Frederick Home

Since fungal spores (microscopic seed-like structures) naturally exist everywhere, a fungus can form inside your Frederick residence quite quickly. All fungi need to develop are an organic food source like wood or paper, water, the ideal temperature, and time. Several occurrences like a slow roof leak, elevated humidity levels, or a small pipe break can cause mold to grow.

What can you do if there is mold in my home?

  • Find the Source of the Problem: The first step our SERVPRO team takes when handling mold removal in your Frederick house is to figure out where moisture is entering and causing the fungal growth.
  • Fix the Initial Issue: Before we begin any remediation efforts, we prevent H2O from entering by fixing the slow leak.
  • Remove All Visible Fungal Structures: We can then get rid of the mold by sanding or soda blasting your affected surfaces.
  • Clean Contaminated Air: We can also use air scrubbers to cleanse your atmosphere and ensure very few airborne spores are present that can spread fungi to other sectors of your home.
  • Apply Antimicrobial Chemicals: During and after the remediation process, we can spray a product that can kill fungi and the spores it releases.

Why should I choose SERVPRO for issues related to mold?

  • Highly Experienced Team: Our crew members have received training by the International Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification or (IICRC) program. We have years of experience preventing and remediating fungi from residential structures.
  • Advanced Technology: Our management team is continuously researching and procuring the industry's best equipment to make our technicians' jobs much more manageable.
  • Fast Service 24/7: Our crew lives in the area, and we have someone that answers the phone every day. During all hours of the day, we can provide you professional assistance whenever you need it.

Once a fungus has developed inside your dwelling, for quality restoration services, call SERVPRO of Frederick County at (301) 662-1747 at any time.

Can Possessions be Saved after Water Losses?

10/8/2020 (Permalink)

Hands holding home After a water intrusion takes place. You can trust that your home is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

To Save Possessions, Use a Water Damage Restoration Service. SERVPRO Operates in the Frederick Area and Can Begin Work within Four Hours of Notification of Loss.

What is the process of content restoration?

A wet home affects both the structure and the contents, so Frederick homeowners use professional services to recover them. Often items in the house need moving, either to an off-site storage warehouse or to an unaffected room where cleaning or drying can occur separately. The process of moving content is challenging without a proven content management solution. SERVPRO technicians record information in a digital inventory that can be revisited throughout the service and after to provide a transparent and accountable system for managing your possessions.

What are the challenges of content management?

- Items that could break during transit

- Storage and tracking of contents throughout the restoration procedure

- Lack of detail and documentation of the condition of things in the home

How does content management affect restoration?

There are many aspects where content management and water damage restoration in your Frederick home overlap. The ability to assess whether items are salvageable or non-salvageable, for example, focuses on contents but can also affect the overall time-frame of restoration. SERVPRO takes time to document and inspect items to ensure that they are given the correct treatment in the home. We frequently use professional movers when large amounts of content need storing in a separate warehouse, and our warehouses are highly organized to ensure items do not get lost.

What are the solutions to content management issues?

- Photographing and videoing the condition of contents before packing

- Efficiently cleaning, packing, and loading items when off-site storage is necessary

- Organizing warehouse space and storage ahead of time to ensure efficient delivery of contents

Protecting your contents is as valuable as drying your home. Contact SERVPRO of Frederick County at (301) 662-1747 today.

Where Can I Find Emergency Services for Residential Flooding in Mt. Airy?

10/2/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home Flooding in your property can be full of safety hazards and require emergency services or abatement experts.

SERVPRO Water Crews Can Inspect, Mitigate, and Restore Residential Properties with Flood Damage in Mt. Airy.

How many people do I need to fix a flooded property?

After receiving an emergency notification of loss for your Mt. Airy property, SERVPRO can dispatch a water crew. Water crews usually consist of a crew chief and a production technician. Both crew members have extensive training in water restoration and emergency mitigation with qualifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration certifications (IICRC) body. Your point of contact throughout the restoration service is the crew chief. If you have any questions regarding the restoration or special drying requests, such as document drying, you can direct it to the crew chief. In severe flooding situations, a water crew may include more production technicians to ensure that mitigation is put on time.

Can restoration services help with a flood insurance claim?

Documenting information can be beneficial to homeowners with flood damage in Mt. Airy. SERVPRO technicians use digital software to record injuries, upload photos, and dry plans during the planning stage of flood recovery. This software is called a dry book. We can revisit and update the contents of a dry book throughout service. However, we can ensure that our services are justifiable, transparent, and accountable by recording information digitally. These qualities are vital for homeowners who are undergoing the trauma of flooded property.

What information is needed to start a flood restoration?

- Appointment details arranged with a customer service member

- Personal information like the address of the loss site (also known as first notification of loss)

- Loss details which may include the size of the property, the extent of harm, and the length of water exposure

What equipment is needed for flood loss recovery?

Flood losses can vary significantly from property to property. While some constants like the need for submersible pumps and extraction equipment, many variables depending on the information provided during the initial inspection and notification of loss. It is essential to provide as much information as possible during the notice of loss. Standing water may require specific pumping equipment; a household's lack of power may need a portable generator to run the pumps. These details can significantly influence restoration. In the early phases of a flood, emergency time is a critical factor in mitigation. Being able to stock our trucks with the correct amount of air-movers, dehumidifiers, pumps, and extractors can help to reduce the damages in your property.

How much is drying equipment needed for flooding on average?

- Two dehumidifiers per story of the home

- Five rapid air-movers for each room affected

- One pump or water extractor per area

How does flood loss recovery typically start?

There are many details of your Mt. Airy home's condition that SERVPRO can gather before arrival, but the critical information is gleaned from an initial inspection. A flooded property may have any number of damages or potential damage areas. Our water crew brings a water inspection kit that can help us get a clear picture of the extent of harm in the property. If there is continuous water intrusion, the water crew can stop it at the source. Where there is standing water, we can perform early mitigation of the affected area by blocking furniture or removing it from the affected area to a clean spot. Usually, the initial inspection is carried out with many photographs uploaded to the digital dry book. A dry book assists both you and your insurance adjuster when you are processing your claim.

What should I do with potential flood hazards in the home?

- Recognize the type of hazard, for example, loose wiring, sagging ceiling, or structural warping

- Communicate and document the danger with those in the area

- Figure out control measures and implement them in the home

Can hazard scoping affect the timespan of flood restoration?

In some situations, the initial inspection of a flooded property may reveal complicating hazards. Restoration of a flooded property typically takes between two and five days. However, there can be time delays if our water crews discover hazardous materials or mold in the property. A time delay can occur when crew chiefs need to use third-party experts for specific restoration projects. Materials that require an abatement include mercury, asbestos, arsenic, lead, fuels, caustic acid, pesticides, and many other harm-causing chemicals. Sometimes these materials may be part of your building's construction. Other times, these chemicals may be brought into the home through contaminated water. Bringing in specific abatement experts is essential to returning your home to its preloss condition.

Flooding in your property can be full of safety hazards and require emergency services or abatement experts. For one point of contact throughout flood recovery, contact SERVPRO of Frederick County at (301) 662-1747.

How Can I Restore My Frederick Business After a Leak Without Disrupting my Operations?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

Ceiling tiles removed in an office. Don't let time and water damage take your office down, call SERVPRO today.

Call a Professional Water Restoration Service to Protect the Operations of your Business in Frederick and Eliminate Water Damage Quickly

Whether you own a beauty salon or a commercial warehouse in Frederick, you need to pay attention to your establishment's general upkeep. Water damage can occur due to a leaky pipe or other plumbing concerns, leaving some telltale signs along the way. Bubbling of vinyl flooring, discoloration on your walls, and even a musty smell should alert you to a leak. Rather than taking a wait-and-see approach, call a professional water service restoration company to inspect the incident.

In Frederick, your water restoration team is accessible 24/7 by placing a call to our SERVPRO office. Our crew of experts habitually assists business owners in the area with their needs. We do that within parameters established by your commercial building, and in coordination with any insurance guidelines, you need to follow. We recognize the importance of disrupting your operations as little as possible to protect your assets and revenue. We focus on mitigating your loss as we go about restoring and repairing your place.

Can I wait a few days before calling a water restoration technician?

Many underestimate the impact of water in their business and fail to make a call to the experts. Any delay in water extraction opens the possibility of more severe damage, further disrupting your life. Ideally, you would reach out to our SERVPRO team within the first 24 hours of the incident to avoid issues such as-

  • Laminate flooring separating in layers
  • Hardwood floors and wood materials buckling due to excessive humidity
  • Dry-wall weakening and damaged insulation
  • Increasing probability of a mold infestation
  • Moist and stained ceiling tiles

As you can see, the impact of excess moisture is tangible and can pose a real threat to your business. Let our SERVPRO of Frederick County help you protect what you've built. Call us at (301) 662-1747 and let us leave your business "Like it never even happened."

How Do I Remove Oily Soils and Smokes from Walls or Ceilings?

9/1/2020 (Permalink)

heavy soot on ceiling and wall Smoke and soot are difficult to remove. SERVPRO knows how to restore your home. Call us today!

SERVPRO Fire Restoration Technicians Have a Proven Track Record in Returning Mt. Airy Homes to a Pre-loss Condition after Fire

What causes oily soil deposits from a fire?

A housefire in your Mt. Airy home releases all kinds of toxins and carcinogens into the house. When these toxic smokes come into contact with colder surfaces, they deposit smoke residues onto that surface. These smoke residues may be dry or wet. Synthetic materials like varnishes, plastics, or other chemical compositions usually lead to oily soil deposits, which can be tough to remove. Oil-based stains are hydrophobic, meaning that they repel water molecules. The hydrophobic nature of wet smokes can make cleaning them a challenge as homeowners risk spreading soils further around without effectively removing them. SERVPRO recommends that you use trained-experts to deal with wet smoke on walls and ceilings.

What solvents do I need for removing wet smoke?

Oil-based solvents can bond with wet smoke and are therefore useful for fire restoration in your Mt. Airy home. However, some solvents can be abrasive and damage paintwork or other surfaces. A household item that can be effective against oily smoke deposits is detergent. While detergents are water-based, detergent molecules can break down oils and create an emulsion. Emulsifying soils this way allows many wet-smokes to be rinsed away using water and frequently causes less abrasive damage to surfaces, walls, and ceilings. Detergent cleaning, while useful, can be more time-consuming than resorting to solvents. SERVPRO technicians have a proven track record in deciding the best cleaning method for your home after a fire emergency that prioritizes both time-efficiency and cost.

How can I ensure I use solvents safely?

  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) with goggles, gloves, and respirators
  • Only use in a well-ventilated space
  • Shutoff heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems to prevent spreading solvent vapors

Stubborn soots and wet-smokes are challenging to remove without the correct knowledge of when to apply solvents or detergents. Contact SERVPRO of Frederick County at (301) 662-1747. 

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